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Speech Recognition Helps In Using Chatbots

The history of computer technology says that seven decades back Alan Turing proposed an approach for evaluating a computer's intelligence and famously named his method, The Imitation Game, in 1950. The premise is that an interrogator talks to two people, two-way conversations take place, one is with a real person, the other with a computer just like in instant messaging. We are living in an era where intelligent machines have arrived. There are several machines and software available which are known as Bots. Bots are computer programs that simulate human conversion through voice commands or text chats. Chatbots including search engines lag the web and archive new pages for future searches.                                                                                                        

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is a communication interface that lets you chat with Artificial Intelligence.  The chatbot is a digital text with messaging or voice-based application. AI generation Chatbots can work hand in hand with your human team! And it is awesome in the way it understands people. Chatbots use machine learning, AI, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP has the ability of the computer to understand and analyze human speech and the right response to replay in understandable human language.

MIT professor Joseph Weizenbaum made the first chatbot named ELIZA. Years later a company called," WeChat" in China made more advanced and efficient Chatbots and introduced them to users.

Among computers, Chatbots became famous recently. Chatbots have been around for a while. Now this change of awareness for Chatbots and conversational interfaces came with developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The ability to communicate with an audio chatbot is due to a technology called speech recognition.


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What is speech recognition?

Speech recognition is a branch of computers since computational linguistics is a field that develops methodologies that allow computers to translate speech input written tests.

How does recognition speech work?

Speech Recognition technology allows recognizing the user’s voice commands and their conversion into the text to be processed by the system.

There are two types of speech recognition:

Speaker-dependent: Speech recognition systems that require training, a speaker reads text or just feeds them to the computer’s knowledge base. Voice Recognition is more accurate as it can analyze the person’s voice, in question, and tunes. As well as the system recognizing that particular voice.


The relationship between speech recognition and artificial intelligence: 

AI is currently used in many areas and depending on the technologies implemented the software can perform certain actions. Sometimes it gets confused; AI and Machine Learning (ML) are distinct yet related concepts. Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence and is the technology In addition; there is also NLP (Natural Language Processing), another branch of AI, which enables the processing of human languages. For example, English, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.

Chatbots vs voicebots:

The most accessible way to see artificial intelligence in action would be through Chatbots.

Chatbot service automation solutions are often found in various digital communications web channels, and company websites. We can learn here how digital channels can transform your communication with your customers! Through channels and company websites there are voice bots, more often known as virtual assistants. Companies mostly use Chatbots to automate their services like internal or customer support, and their inputs and outputs are written messages. Chatbots only receive voice commands and respond in the same way. But also they have more individual support roles. Examples are Siri and Alexa. Chatbots have the goal of automating certain processes but with more personal roles also. They work as a kind of personal assistant that responds to voice inputs and outputs.   


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Chabot’s became one of the most useful programs among computer users as well as on the website. It saves time, and money, at the same time the work done through Chatbots is more accurate. In the future, we hope the contribution of different types of Chatbots will be an essential part of our modern life. And the time is up to rocket the Chabot universe with AILIfeBOT the best place to Buy Chatbot in India.