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AILIFEBOT was born out of a thesis that chat or messaging will rule the 21st century smartphone world. We started in 2013, way before chatbots became popular. Conversational User Interface (CUI) is the most significant shift in interfaces since the change from command line to GUI. As pioneers in the space, we believe it is our responsibility to lead this paradigm shift. With Artificial Intelligence and chatbots exploding today, this thesis only gets stronger. JOIN US


AILiFeBoT, today, is one of only a handful couple of organizations on the planet that has all the conclusion to-end instruments you have to manufacture, keep up, and break down an awesome conversational interface, all made in-house. The chatbot developer permits you adaptably include SDKs/modules to work over any channel of your decision. The operator visit interface empowers adaptability between going 100% bot or a blend of human-bot, and the examination dashboard gives profound conversational opinion investigation on what individuals are discussing..