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Livechat vs Chatbot: Which is better for customer services?

Chat is an important part of customer services now. Many big organizations have created a team or a department to give the answers to their customer by voice call or chat. Chats are in the practice of customer services from the starting of the marketing business. Before it was done by mailing or face to face and now it is done by a phone call to customer care or chat on the company’s website. Somehow these chats make the platform for the customer to trust the company. So this is very important to make the customer satisfied by solving their queries.

In this competitive age, the question is which is better: Livechat or AI chatbot. In this blog, we have drawn a comparison between both chats.

Live chat vs Chatbot

1.      In live chat human is involved and responsible to give answers to their customer timely and accurately. While AI chatbot is a robotic chat process it is programmed to give answers in an accurate and timely.

2.      The live chat can handle complex queries of customers while the chatbot can handle general queries of the customer as the answers are fed in its programs.

3.      The live chat cannot handle multiple queries at times, while in AIchatbot, they are designed to answer many customers at a time without limitation.

4.      Livechat offers person to person communication, agent can understand customer’s emotions, and respond with empathy to support conversations while chatbots elevate the support handled by the machine.

5.      Human agents have to work round the clock to offer 24/7 support. While Chatbots offer 24/7 support without any exhaustion or extra cost.

6.      In LiveChat, customers would have to wait before they get connected to the right agent. While Chatbots are delivering instant responses to customers.

In LiveChat, an agent can not only pull up customer data anytime and offer customized messages to each customer while AI-powered chatbots save customer data, provide contextual support, send proactive messages to customers.