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How to Use Whatsapp Chatbots for Ecommerce ?

Business today competes in a highly competitive mobile e-Commerce market, providing excellent customer service is your best bet. It has recently been revealed that increasing customer loyalty by just 5% can boost earnings from 25% to 95% and that is the best way to increase customer satisfaction is to improve customer service.

Due to groundbreaking innovations in artificial intelligence and ever-changing consumer behavior, the e-commerce industry has grown exponentially in the nearly 20 years since its birth.

Currently, there are 1.5 billion WhatsApp users worldwide, making it one of the most popular chat applications of our day. Not to mention, few markets are growing and evolving as quickly as the eCommerce market. WhatsApp's inclusion in the equation is a smart move!

You can cut through the clutter of marketing by using a custom WhatsApp Chabot in India to automate conversions while at the same time cutting through the marketing noise. Whatsapp chatbots for eCommerce are software programs designed to aid consumers in contacting online stores.

Why Should Ecommerce Companies Use Whatsapp Chatbots?

As a result of increased competition in e-commerce, protecting your company is crucial. You may have difficulty attracting attention and maintaining your market status if you are in such a situation. Therefore, online companies must use resources that will improve their visibility and revenue. 

Chatbots could be the solution you're looking for & there are multiple Chabot services in India in the race but choosing the Best Chabot Company in India is a task, you can achieve this rapidly and cost-effectively without coding.


Multiple Ways to Use Whatsapp Chatbots for Ecommerce 

Automate Lead Generation

A sales funnel is made up primarily of three parts: Lead generation, qualification, and closing. A bigger top-of-funnel gives your sales team more resources to work with, which in turn means more opportunities to sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Websites are designed to remove any obstacles that may stand in the way of driving new sales. Once a lead has been generated, companies want to make sure the customer has a seamless experience from beginning to end. There are still questions for customers. Additionally, they frequently ask them.


You Can Order Online


Revenue comes from placing an order, which when you think about it ends up being the most important act.

You can create a unified experience from prospecting to repeat customers by using an e-commerce WhatsApp Chabot.

The Shipment

Utilizing an effective e-commerce shipping strategy will maximize your online business's success. Informing your customers about the status of their shipments is another important step.

Still, there are multiple ways available & if you are interested in building a WhatsApp bot, we make the process easy for you. Our AIlifeBOT service enables you to build an intelligent WhatsApp chatbot in a few steps to benefit from many of the features we offer. We will show you how to create your WhatsApp bot to avail the Best Chabot Company in India.