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Conversational AI chatbot : Changing the way of customer services

The most important asset of an organization is the customer and what as an organization matter is the user experience. So that means the company’s agent or someone who’s talking to the external customers or clients has to give that user experience that is seamless. They can understand what the customer is asking; they can sort of responding consistently.

 If we talking about the customers who probably asking the same thing in 100 different ways and I don’t think we could have achieved with just chatbot technology that’s where the conversational AI is. Conversational AI understands what customer is asking and be able to respond. So definitely the user experience was 10x increased when we started looking into conversational AI.

Conversational AI is modern technology. It is made to help power the automated conversation between the business and the customers. The conversation with your customer can be text-based or audio-based. Conversational AI platform uses natural language processing to simulate human-like conversations. This is used to answer customers' issues, queries, automate the resolutions, and also hand over the conversation to human agents whenever it is not able to revert procedurally. In addition, Conversational AI chatbots are capable of personalized experiences of satisfaction to the customer.

 The common use of conversational AI

Office automation

As Personal assistants taking dictation, transcribing meetings, emailing notes, booking meetings rooms, etc.

Sales and marketing

Provide real-time product information and dashboards support to on-field sales and marketing teams.


It helps customers to locate items and provide product details such as price and availability.


Support operating room surgeons by taking notes maintaining and gathering patient clinical data.

Customer support

Automate customer calls and enable outgoing calls to customers.


AI chatbots services at hotels to enable check-in or for other information and services.

Mobile apps

Reduce clicks and page visits in your mobile app and improve user experience with voice/visual integration.

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