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How to Boost Engagement, Sales, and, Customer support with e-commerce chatbots?

An e-commerce chatbot - An AI-powered intelligent digital solution used by online retailers to engage customers from the initial to end stage of their shopping journey. The more engagement of customers increases, the more customers increase. According to research, the extent of automation in the field of e-commerce will expand widely by the year 2023, and it will lead to almost 70% of all commercial chatbots coming into online retail. Let's go through the benefits of chatbots in e-commerce:

1) Enrich Engagement:

It has been found that companies using e-commerce chatbots successfully engage 99% of their customers within a time limit of 1 minute. Chatbots entertain the customers and supply them with all the information they need.

2) Reply and suggest accordingly (Context-driven):

Although chatbots are not human they understand the customer's profile, including their age, gender, and, location, and suggests them the product accordingly. This helps the company to sell a variety of products and improve customer convention and retention. They are capable of gauging customers' emotions and replying accordingly.

3) Multiple Platforms Consistency:

E-commerce chatbots are not limited to online sites and their apps. It can help one to automate delivering better results overseas in a very limited amount of time. It holds access to reach users on all social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and even Instagram.

4) Interact in Customer's comfort zone:

Chatbots understand customers' language and increase the efficiency of a sale, as language can no more be a barrier between customers and salespeople. One can even train an e-commerce chatbot in various languages for the different communities of people.

5) Save time and money and provide 24/7 frequently asked questions:

There is no time limit for customers when it's to online shopping, hence e-commerce chatbots are available for the customers 24/7 to answer their all frequently asked questions. This leads to the engagement of more customers and saves money and time by handling things anytime and anywhere.


6) Collect Payments Frequently:

When everything is finalized and it's the time for the customer to pay for their product, then e-commerce chatbots play a very eminent role by making sure to integrate with payment gateways and not letting the customers leave the page without completing the payment.

7) Gauge performance with automated feedback:

Feedback plays a very vital role in shaping your online or offline firm. This e-commerce makes sure to take feedback from the customer at the end of the service to let you know about the customer's reviews about your running business.

While we informed you about the significance and benefits of e-commerce chatbots in shaping your business, your mind must be willing to use one and enjoy the advantages. Hence, AI LifeBot provides you with the best Chatbot in Delhi NCR to give your business a new direction and let it flourish and reach more heights leading to the expansion of your online business. Do connect with us to get yourself privileged with the features of chatbots.